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How charities can help you get the right support following a brain injury

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How charities can help you get the right support following a brain injury

When someone suffers a brain injury, the emotional toll it can take on family and friends is immense. Besides the support of medical and legal teams (if someone else’s negligence has been a factor), you may also want to seek support from people who have experience of being directly affected by a brain injury in the family.

At Brain Injury Group, we work particularly closely with two charities with such experience. Here we profile them and show how they can help:

Brain Injury is BIG

We work closely with the charity Brain Injury is BIG who provide emotional support to families who have a loved one who has suffered a life-changing catastrophic brain injury. The founding members of Brain Injury is BIG met when they each had a husband or son receiving rehabilitation following a catastrophic brain injury. Whilst visiting their relatives, they became firm friends, offering support to each other, as they each understood what the others were experiencing.

They set up the charity to continue this support, for others, via their website, online forum and telephone helpline which operates daily.

The Charity also now runs a small grants scheme to help families with travel costs, the purchase of small items of specialist equipment and therapies, as well as a scheme for care homes who look after catastrophically brain injured individuals. Full terms and eligibility criteria can be found on their website, via Brain Injury is BIG’s profile in our directory.

One Punch UK

We also work closely with the charity One Punch UK, who provide emotional support and signposting to the victims and families of single punch assaults. It all began when Kristian, whose mum Maxine set up One Punch UK with her partner Tony, was hit, just once, by a stranger on a night out because he did not have a cigarette. Kristian suffered a catastrophic brain injury and died 9 months later from his injuries.

They set up One Punch UK in memory of Kristian to support other families who are dealing with the consequences of a single punch assault, and to raise awareness and educate people of the ripple effect of these assaults.

Each September they hold One Punch Awareness Week, raising the profile of the charity, their support, and the impact a single punch can have, in social media and December is Punched Out Cold month when they engage with police forces and the hospitality industry across the UK to try to stop these assaults from occurring.

Corporate Responsibility

Brain Injury Group is proud to support these two charities on a day-to-day basis with practical support when needed, including production of information booklets, promoting in our social media, assisting with the charity’s social media and websites.

Our annual golf day, held in October each year, raises funds for both charities to support the work they do as well as raising awareness.

Could you fundraise for them?

If you would like to raise funds for these two charities, please do visit their websites to find out how you can support them.

How Brain Injury Group can assist

Brain Injury Group is a network of specialist brain injury solicitors who can assist with legal advice if a brain injury is caused by the negligence of another, or as the result of a one punch assault.

Contact us – to get in touch you can either:

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  2. Email us at
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  4. Find a specialist brain injury solicitor near to you

Need support?

If you or a loved one has sustained a catastrophic brain injury and would like to reach out to either charity for support, full details can be found in our directory:

Brain Injury is BIG

Brain injury is BIG logo

Brain Injury is BIG is a support group for people who have loved ones with devastating brain injuries. They may be severely disabled, in a persistent vegetative state, minimally aware/conscious or locked in.

One Punch UK

The logo of One Punch UK

As a result of the lack of support and guidance, when her son was seriously injured after a one punch assault, Maxine started One Punch UK to help families who might be going through something similar.

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