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One of the most frightening things about a One Punch head injury is the manner in which someone’s life, and the lives of those around them, can be completely changed in an instant.

It is often the case that a one punch assault is a reckless and spur-of-the-moment incident, where there may not be an intention to cause serious injury. However, losing control and engaging in violence at that moment can result in devastating injuries for the victim.

Injuries from One Punch attacks are often the result of a sudden blow to the head, and such blows can result in damage inside the skull or brain and bleeding. These injuries can be life-threatening. This type of attack can also result in the victim falling to the floor because of the punch, causing additional injury to the skull and brain including fractures to the skull, as the head collides with the ground or protruding surface such as a kerb.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

It is vitally important that those who suffer such a serious and shocking injury receive the support that they need. As well as receiving medical support and rehabilitation, families of those impacted may also want to consider seeking compensation. It may initially seem that such a claim may not be possible in these sorts of circumstances on the basis that it is often the case that there is no viable source of compensation from the perpetrator of the assault. However, those who have experienced a brain injury as a result of a one punch assault should consider pursuing a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) which is a scheme that offers compensation to blameless victims of violent crime.

Awards from the CICA

The CICA can make an award of up to a maximum of £500,000, with awards including compensation for the injury itself. The level of the award will depend upon the severity of the head injury suffered and the long term impact it will have. It is also possible to recover an award for lost earnings, necessary equipment and certain aspects of care required by the injured person. Although an award of compensation cannot undo the significant harm that has been done, it can go some way in ensuring that those who have sadly experienced a one punch attack and suffered significant injuries as a result are able to find a route to ease the financial pressures upon them and ensure they have all the help available to support their recovery and ensure they have the best quality of life possible.

Looking to the future and having seen first-hand the devastating impact one punch attacks can have, it is important to continue to educate people as to the possible impact of their violent actions. Making people aware of the devastating consequences a single punch can have and helping them not to give in to an urge of violence can reduce the number of people suffering from such injuries.

Brain Injury Group

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Adam's story about his criminal injuries compensation authority claim following a criminal attack

Brain Injury Group is a network of specialist solicitors and support services who assist people with legal and welfare benefits questions following a brain injury. Among our membership we have a number of CICA specialists who will be happy to have an initial chat to you about your claim and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

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This article was produced with the assistance of Rachel Thain, Enable Law

Rachel is a Senior Associate in the Enable Law Abuse Team specialising in supporting children and adults that have suffered serious injuries as the result of being assaulted or abused.
In her work Rachel supports abuse survivors and those who have suffered serious assaults to bring civil litigation claims against those that have caused them harm. She has supported some of the most vulnerable people of our community by helping them seek justice against a number of organisations including religious and educational settings, children’s homes, local authorities, scouts, and sports clubs.

Rachel has more than 10 years of experience helping people with complex injuries and ABI access the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) scheme to get financial compensation following being victims of abuse or serious assault. She is caring, approachable and has excellent listening skills which help her clients share their often traumatic experiences so she can offer them the right legal advice based on their individual experience and needs.

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