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Paul Spence from Paul 4 Brain Recovery

Founder of Paul 4 Brain Recovery, Paul Spence, suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2012 as a result of an unprovoked one punch attack, but has since made a remarkable and inspirational recovery and his team provides one-to-one community support services for brain injury victims.

Paul has chosen to share his story to help others facing the challenges following a brain injury, throughout the long road to recovery.

Criminal Injuries – Paul Spence’s Story

In 2012, Paul was in a local bar with friends when he was attacked without provocation. Paul was rushed to hospital by ambulance where he remained for two months.

The one punch attack caused bleeding on the brain and compromised Paul’s executive functions such as mental processing, attention, concentration, memory, personality and speech.

The doctors predicted a 2-3-year recovery and they could not guarantee Paul would be the same person ever again.

“One punch. Wrong time, wrong place. It blew my life to pieces on every level you can imagine”

The injury was so devastating that after being discharged from the hospital, 8 weeks later, life as he knew it was over for Paul.

He was no longer leaving the house alone; his driving licence was taken away and he couldn’t go back to work, the career he worked really hard for as a foreman for over 16 years had now had to be put on hold.

“I had lost my independence, I didn’t know what was going to happen with my life.”, he said.

Further neurological tests have shown that Paul wouldn’t be able to return to his job. He lost peer circles and his relationship with his partner broke down.

It seemed like the injury had caused devastation in all aspects of his life.

The nurses at the hospital provided Paul and his family with information about the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), a government scheme which provides financial compensation to innocent victims of assault.

“I honestly don’t know where I would be today without the compensation I received for my injures. It helped me rebuild my life during a very difficult time. I couldn’t leave the house for four months. I lost my job, my partner and peer circles, I was struggling with depression. I received an interim payment which helped me pay my mortgage, I fear for where I would have ended up”.

As a result of the attack, Paul’s life changed overnight. His compensation claim took into account care costs , loss of earnings and future loss of earnings, transport costs as he could no longer drive, psychological injures and counselling from professionals who helped him rebuild his life.

The claim took about 2-3 years and Paul received interim payments to help him with vital costs such as mortgage payments.

“Getting professional support has helped me massively, because it took the worries and the stress away from me and my family, which meant I could focus all my attention on getting better,” said Paul.

“I accessed some mental health services; it released my torment and I learnt some really good coping strategies from the counsellor, I took them away and implemented them into my daily routine, which helped me no end.”

“I started to speak out, speak openly with my loved ones and friends . It was so refreshing, and I went on to found Paul 4 Brain Recovery, the charity which helps so many other people.”

“I found purpose with my charity which enriched my recovery. I am different but no less, I have a new potential to reach, I’m heading there!”

If you have suffered a brain injury and would like find out more about Paul 4 Brain Recovery services visit

For further information on bringing a claim via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, visit our webpage

Paul Spence is an ambassador for Hudgell Solicitors. Hudgells are proud to do much more than represent clients in legal cases and through their partnership with the charity Paul 4 Brain Recovery, are able to offer unique support services and mentoring to clients who have suffered a brain injury.

For more information on Hudgell Solicitors visit their Brain Injury Group member profile

It is possible to make a claim for damages to the CICA without legal representation. However there are a number of complex procedural and legal aspects to the Scheme and it may be beneficial to speak to a member of Brain Injury Group prior to commencing any claim, even if you then decide to proceed without legal representation. Additionally, if you have already commenced a claim to the CICA and then find you need legal help, our law firm members can assist.

If you would like to speak to somebody email and ask to be put in touch with your closest member law firm.

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