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As this article is published, we are right in the middle of Road Safety Week 2021. This year’s theme is Road Safety Heroes. Here we take a look at Dan’s story where he was saved by Air Ambulance and NHS heroes as well as Brain Injury Group member firm Bolt Burdon Kemp.

Dan was a bright, confident and sociable 2 year old. He went to the local nursery. He was expected to do well at school and go on to university and have a successful career.

One day, as he was being driven to nursery by his childminder, the car was involved in a serious accident.

Dan hadn’t been properly secured in his seat and he suffered severe brain damage, including extensive injury to the frontal and temporal lobes and a subarachnoid haemorrhage.

The first few hours after an accident are crucial, delays in treatment can have severe consequences. Fortunately for Dan, he was quickly flown by air ambulance to a major trauma centre for surgery. He was discharged home after 6 days and returned to nursery, 4 months after the accident.

Within a few weeks, he was asked to leave the nursery as he was biting and scratching other children, unable to follow instructions or wait for his turn.

His mum moved him to a small private nursery and for a while things seemed to improve, which she put down to the smaller class sizes and greater individual teacher attention.

The following year, however, his mum discovered that in order to manage his disruptive behaviour and outbursts at school, Dan’s teacher had been allowing him to go and play in the corner with Lego while the other children got on with their work or an activity. And Dan was often taken out of the classroom to spend time in the nursery. So he was significantly behind his peers.

Mum instructed Bolt Burdon Kemp who started court proceedings, obtained judgment and annual interim payments for Dan’s benefit.

The interim payments have paid for private school fees, a 1:2:1 teaching assistant, educational neuropsychology support for the school, psychological support for Dan and his mum, occupational therapy for Dan, a case manager, rehabilitation support workers and as Dan now has few friends, a puppy.

Without the support Dan received, the chances of him ending up in the penal system were high. By the time the case concludes, when Dan is in his late teens, his mum hopes he will be able to live and work independently and, above all, safely and happily.

This article was produced by Jo Chapman, Partner in the Child Brain Injury team at Bolt Burdon Kemp

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