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The Oxfordshire branch of brain injury charity Headway is looking for volunteers to drive its minibuses.

The branch, which is located in Kennington, provides rehabilitative activity workshops for people in the surrounding area who have sustained brain injuries.

Activities include yoga, physiotherapy, memory workshops, art, and music, but without a minibus driver to pick them up from their homes and drop them off at the centre, many people would be unable to use these excellent facilities.

The minibus operates four days a week, for a few hours in the morning starting from 9am, and again for a few hours in the afternoon from around 2:30pm.

Jamie Miller, the director of the Oxford branch, explains that plenty of people are happy to volunteer their time to help participate in activities, “but [the organisation] don’t tend to get people who are able to do things like the driving”.

Mr Miller states there are no other premises in Oxfordshire which provide the same wide range of services for brain injury sufferers as Headway, so any help is always greatly appreciated by the branch.

The organisation adds that anyone willing to volunteer to drive a minibus will need to be 21 or older, will need to undergo a CRB check, and should hold a full, clean driving licence.

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