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Here you can find the latest news about Brain Injury Group and articles relating to brain injury.

Articles are contributed by members of Brain Injury Group, email to find out more.

A joiner in a wheelchair lines up a cutting line on a piece of wood ready to cut illustrating returning to work after a brain injury

Brain injury can be life-altering and have a profound impact on a person’s career. Navigating the workplace after a brain injury might be challenging, but there are strategies and resources available to help you succeed….
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A couple drink coffee whilst reading off a laptop screen illustrating relationships after a brain injury

Amey Welch, an Associate with, Brain Injury Group Member, Irwin Mitchell’s Serious Injury Team, discusses how a brain injury can impact relationships and provides some tips for those who have relationships with people with a…
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A little girl playing on playground equipment illustrating our article on childhood encephalitis

Encephalitis is a term many may be unfamiliar with, unless they, or a family member, are affected by the condition. It is inflammation or swelling of the brain which is estimated to affect over 6,000…
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Road Safety Week 2019 winners from Stoke Hill Junior School in Exeter

This week is Brake, the road safety charity’s Road Safety Week, an annual event to raise awareness of the devastation road crashes can cause and to campaign to make our roads safer for all. This…
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A selection of received competition entries for Road Safety Week 2022

Every November Brake, the Road Safety Charity, hold their road safety week, to raise awareness of the dangers our roads pose and to educate people so that we each are able to make safe and…
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An x-ray type image of a person with the brain highlighted in red, illustrating Functional Neurological Disorder

What is it? The study of Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) goes back decades though the term isn’t familiar to most people. Any progression of our understanding of FND has in the past been hampered by…
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