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Here you can find the latest news about Brain Injury Group and articles relating to brain injury.

Articles are contributed by members of Brain Injury Group, email to find out more.

A group of friends enjoying time together illustrating the importance of relationships to those with a brain injury

My name is Paul Spence. In 2012 I suffered a frontal lobe brain haemorrhage which blew my life to pieces on every level you can imagine. The injury brought changes to my personality and amongst…
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Mary with one of her horses illustrating Mary's story of tailored rehabilitation with case management services

There is a place and time for everything and this is so true of neurorehabilitation. When someone first has a neurological event it is the misconception that they must have the most therapy possible in…
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Medics rush a patient in a hospital bed to an operating room illustrating the NHS Costs Recovery Scheme

There is a government scheme called the NHS Injury Cost Recovery Scheme. New guidance is published by the Government every year in relation to the scheme and is applied for by NHS Trusts. As an…
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A family dog rests on the breakfast table surrounded by other members of the family illustrating the family behind brain injury claim headlines

Personal injury claims are misunderstood. The newspaper stories about the “compensation culture” are based upon a myth. In reality, the statistics show that personal injury claim numbers are dropping. In addition, the Government has advanced…
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An image of rugby players locking heads about to engage in a scrum illustrating the head impacts and brain injuries in sport

MPs have launched an inquiry into the link between sport and brain injury. While the link in sports such as boxing has been self-evident, with serious brain injury and death still an all too regular…
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