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In July 2022, we formalised our partnership with One Punch UK, a charity who provide support to the victims and their families, of one punch attacks, as well as visiting schools and prisons to educate people about the life changing consequences a single punch can have.

The charity was established in 2015 by Maxine Curl and her partner Anthony, having suffered the loss of Maxine’s son, Kristian, as the result of an unprovoked attack, they set up the charity in memory of Kristian.

Kristian’s story

Kristian was just 18, with a bright future ahead, when he was on a night out with friends. He was approached by a stranger looking for a cigarette who, on finding out Kristian did not have a cigarette for him, hit him with a single punch, causing a catastrophic brain injury.

Kristian was in a coma for 7 days before waking up. During this time Maxine, her family and Kristian’s friends braced themselves for the worst, so were delighted when he woke up. However Kristian’s behaviour had changed due to his brain injury and he was moved to a neurological rehabilitation centre, a long distance from family and friends, where he received ongoing rehabilitation for his brain injury.

Sadly, just 10 months after the single punch attack, Kristian passed away.

Our partnership with One Punch UK

When Brain Injury Group first spoke to Maxine and Anthony at One Punch, it was obvious how passionate they both were about their charity and educating others to prevent any other family going through what they went through. Maxine spoke at length to us about her story, and the struggle she had to get the right support throughout, including with the legal claim she was bringing via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. She devotes her time to helping other families who find themselves in this situation, speaking from her own experience and understanding of what they are going through.

At Brain Injury Group, we’re keen to help educate people about the damage a single punch can do, to stop this type of unprovoked assault from happening and wrecking people’s lives – not just those of the victim, their family and friends, but the perpetrator too, whose split second decision to get involved will change the lives of them, their family and their friends for life too. The message is clear – Stop, Think, Walk Away.

Our partnership means that when assaults like this do happen, Brain Injury Group and its member firms will be there to help support the victims, be that help and advice to bring a claim via the CICA, assistance with the Court of Protection or signposting to other services from our extensive associate members and directory listings. We are also sponsoring One Punch Awareness Week 2022, helping the charity to furnish a drop in hub, providing support to update their leaflets and website and fundraising for them at our 2022 golf day in October.

One Punch Awareness Week 2022

One Punch Awareness Week runs from 19 to 23 September 2022. On Friday 23 September the charity are asking schools and workplaces to take part in Red or Blue day – simply wear something red or blue, and donate to One Punch – 100% of your donation will go direct to the charity.

Donations can be made via their website or you can donate £3 by texting AWARENESSWEEK to 70560.
If you haven’t already signed up to support this event, you can do so now by visiting

One Punch can provide you with a number of infographics that you can use during the week in your social media, or create your own using the hashtags #OnePunchAwarenessWeek or #WearRedOrBlueDay.

Please do keep an eye on both Brain Injury Group’s and One Punch’s social media channels and like, retweet and reshare if you can to raise awareness of the consequences a single punch can have.

Contact One Punch UK

If you, or someone you know has been the victim of a one punch attack, and need some support from someone who understands what they are going through, please do refer them to One Punch. Full details of the charity can be found on our website:

One Punch UK

How Brain Injury Group can help

Among our membership we have specialist CICA solicitors who can assist clients at any stage of their claim. Whether you know someone who is looking for a solicitor to bring a claim from the start on their behalf, or things have got too complicated and they need some assistance part way through, or they would just like some free advice become commencing a claim themselves, we are here to help.
Email, telephone 0800 612 9660 or speak to us via Live Chat on our website.

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