AKA Case Management Limited

7 College Street,

Tel: 0115 711 7070
Contact: Donna Devonport

AKA Case Management enable individuals disabled by brain, spinal cord and orthopaedic injuries plus medical negligence to live a full and independent life. This is achieved by using a case management model of service.

Through experience, skill and knowledge of brain injury, spinal cord injury, cerebal palsy and orthopaedic injury, AKA Case Management empower individuals to adapt and develop a meaningful lifestyle after a devastating traumatic injury. As a company we use every specialised resource available to assist people disabled by traumatic injuries to maximise their potential and live a fulfilling life again. We focus on putting meaning back into living at all times.

At AKA Case Management we believe that as far as possible, our clients should be enabled to regain the life they lived before their injury. Our approach is based upon an understanding of how the individual’s injury has impacted upon, and changed their lifestyle. By such understanding, we aim to provide them with the means of improving their quality of life, while respecting their views, wishes, and opinions.

We offer a comprehensive case management service providing support in all areas of rehabilitation:

  • An initial clinical assessment identifying immediate needs
  • Help with cost-effective care planning for the present and future
  • A network of specialised therapy and support
  • Ongoing rehabilitation for as long as is required.

It is our understanding that the best form of rehabilitation and case management entails a drive and determination to work toward agreed goals in a collaborative manner. Agreed targets can take time to achieve but we find the outcome is often immensely rewarding to the individual and family alike. So far AKA Case Management has positively supported over 700 clients and their families adjust, find purpose and enjoy life again.

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