Anava Baruch – Design for Independence Ltd

Business & Technology Centre,
Chroma House,
Shire Hill,
Saffron Walden,
CB11 3AQ

Anava Baruch is Managing Director and Clinical Lead for Design for Independence, a housing occupational therapy company covering the UK and abroad.

She specialises in creating functional and accessible living spaces for those with life-affecting conditions.

Anava has an empathetic and knowledgeable approach to design and is skilled at translating cognitive, visual, emotional and mobility impairments into architectural plans

This approach enables her to improve her clients’ quality of life and empower those who are less able.

Anava has a BA in Occupational Therapy, an MSc in Ergonomics and over 15 years’ experience in housing, sensory integration and inclusive design.

Expert Witness in accomodation and equipment

She is also a Bond Solon/Cardiff University accredited Expert Witness in accommodation and equipment.

Anava is currently the only OT offering accommodation Expert reports. Her reports include consideration of the care environment, manual handling and rehabilitation. Anava can also provide a joint accommodation and equipment report.

She has an in-depth understanding of how medical conditions, serious injury and old age can affect an individual’s ability to function at home.

Creative approach

Anava tackles problems by thinking creatively, and her unique approach combines solid design experience with an understanding of care environments, including how manual handling impacts on design.

She keeps abreast of current thinking in specialist equipment and devices, fixtures, fittings and materials – all essential elements in creating homes suitable for clients’ needs.
Anava’s background enables her to support product designers and developers in creating inclusive design solutions for those who are less able.

Current appointment: MD of Design for Independence

Qualifications: BA in Occupational Therapy, an MSc in Ergonomics Bond Solon/Cardiff University accredited Expert Witness

Key specialities: Accommodation, Accommodation and equipment

Services offered: Expert reports, Evidence in Court, Single joint expert

Locations: Reports are always at the client’s home/place of residence.

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