British Weather Services

Weatherview House,
50 Beaumont Way,
High Wycombe,
HP15 7BE

Experience and Qualifications: I gained my meteorological observers qualification in the Royal Navy in 1982 and served on various ships and land based stations until late 1985 – observing, plotting and providing meteorological data & forecasts for aircrews and others. I then served for 2 years as a meteorological consultant at Noble Denton in London, observing, plotting and forecasting the weather globally.

In December 1987, I formed my own company, British Weather Services; and amongst a host of differing meteorological tasks since, I have provided expert witness meteorological reports, forensic site investigations and evidence to the courts, insurance companies and other concerns on numerous occasions to-date.

During the past 5-years I have gained daily experience of assessing, predicting and logging of weather conditions at site specific global stadia for numerous sporting concerns; and during the recent past I provided my services to the Ford World Rally team, observing and forecasting weather and road conditions for the team, which involved accounting for and prediction of rainfall impact and ice formation/cessation on road surfaces.

I have also provided extensive expert meteorological opinion to the broadcast media (radio, TV and newspapers) on many occasions.

Current appointment: Meteorological Expert

Qualifications: Meteorological Observer (RN)

Key specialities: Meteorological Expert

Services offered: Expert reports, Evidence in Court, Single joint expert

Locations: UK & International

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