Calvert Reconnections Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre

Old Windebrowe
Brundholme Road
Cumbria CA12 4NT


Calvert Reconnections provides post-acute residential assessment and rehabilitation for adults with acquired brain injury.

We offer unique individualised rehabilitation opportunities utilising the outdoors to maximise their recovery and develop positive management strategies to create sustainable change.


The Calvert Trust is a charity with over 40 years’ experience in providing accessible outdoor and adventure activities for people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities.

We have now developed Calvert Reconnections which is the UK’s first intensive acquired brain injury rehabilitation centre, focusing on outdoor activities. It is a unique residential neuro-rehabilitation centre for people with post-acute, acquired brain injury that combines traditional clinical therapies with a focus on outdoor activities.

The 10-bed wheelchair accessible residential facility is a beautifully adapted grade II listed building, in the heart of the Lake District in Keswick. We have direct access to all the outdoor activities at the Calvert Lakes activity centre, stables and access to vocational opportunities in the local community.

Our Unique Approach

The Calvert Reconnections Rehabilitation Programme is a bespoke rehabilitation plan developed collaboratively with the individual and our interdisciplinary team. It aims to maximise the participant’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical and psychological well-being facilitating recovery and independence.

Our rehabilitation planning has a unique focus of combining all levels of outdoor activity opportunities with cognitive and physical rehabilitation strategies, alongside daily living and vocational skills within our local community.

There is growing evidence that physical and outdoor activity promotes neuroplasticity post-brain injury whilst also improving people’s mental health, outlook and wellbeing. We actively seek to incorporate a wide range of outdoor activity into our rehabilitation programmes to achieve each participant’s identified goals. This may range from gentle activities of fishing, bird watching, or a nature walk to higher adventure activities of canoeing, rock-climbing and abseiling. This is closely assessed and graded to the person’s interests and functional abilities.

We have a homely residential facility with 24 hours support on site. Those with more intimate personal care needs will be invited to bring their own support. We welcome family and support staff, particularly whilst participants are settling into the new environment and in preparation for transition back home.

Our team includes qualified activity instructors, rehab coaches, an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, clinical psychologist and a nurse.

Participants, families and the therapy team work together to establish goals addressing physical and mental wellbeing.

Location map for Calvert Reconnections Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre