P O Box 269
Co Durham

Tel: 0191 580 0008
Contact: Dr David Lee

Sleep Unlimited Ltd, under the clinical direction of Dr David Lee, offer assessments, treatment and training in cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (the NICE recommended guidelines for treating insomnia disorders), and have a Registered Polysomnographer who oversees our testing for sleep apnoea.

We are proud to work with over 160 case management companies and charities in the UK. We have also provided training to thousands of health care professionals in 200 NHS trusts and over 500 organisations worldwide.

Sleep Unlimited Ltd offer objective sleep assessments for those who have complex conditions to manage in their lives. Assessments can also be arranged for carers, and testing for sleep disordered breathing (sleep apnoea).

Current appointment: Clinical Director


  • BSc Human Biology, Loughborough
  • PhD Objective and subjective sleep assessment, Loughborough
  • Cert Ed, Bradford
  • CBT masterclass, Glasgow
  • Bond Solon, Newcastle
  • Good Clinical Practice, Newcastle

Key specialities: The diagnosis and treatment of sleep problems

Services offered: Expert reports, Evidence in Court, Single joint expert

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