Specialist Nutrition Rehab

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Contact: Sheri Taylor

A dietitian can offer assessment, advice and support if your loved one is struggling with any of the following issues:

1) Weight gain – carrying extra weight can make rehabilitation more challenging. I can determine the root cause of the weight gain and then offer solutions which are enjoyable and sustainable.

2) Weight loss – if someone is underweight or has a poor appetite, I can offer advice on how to fortify foods for extra calories and nutrition, discuss the wide range of oral nutrition supplements available and provide advice and support on PEG feeding when appropriate.

3) Dysphagia (swallowing problems) – sometimes a Speech and Language Therapist may recommend a soft or pureed diet. Families may be stuck for ideas on what to prepare. I can offer meal ideas, menus, recipes and tips on ways to make delicious and satisfying meals that meet your unique requirements. I can also offer advice on the best tasting thickeners and how to use them in beverages for the most desirable outcome.

4) Taste or smell loss – if food suddenly has less taste (or no taste), I can assess the problem and provide advice on ways to make the eating experience as enjoyable as possible.

Brain injury and nutrition

Sheri (of Specialist Nutrition Rehab) has written a number of articles on brain injury and nutrition, including:

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