Grey Salamander

Nursery Lane
New Longton
Lancashire PR4 4AX

We offer a wide range of surgical, medical and therapeutic rehabilitation to patients recovering from serious injury or negligence.

Grey Salamander’s network of highly experienced surgeons, medics and clinicians have a wide ranging combination of skills to treat every area of reconstruction and rehabilitation.

People who have sustained significant injury often require the input from a multi disciplinary team.

Thanks to our diverse range of specialists we are able to provide a seamless service to facilitate the treatment and rehabilitation of those individuals from injury to recovery.

We assist law firms, insurance and case management companies seeking medical experts for their clients recovering from serious injury or negligence.

What we can offer you that others can’t 

We are unique! We can provide a treatment plan for your client designed and developed by a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team; the team work together to provide a plan that will ensure the best possible outcomes for your client.

Our coordinated approach means your client will receive the treatment they need from a team of highly skilled professionals in a timely way, this can mean receiving treatment from multiple specialists at one time, rather than waiting for treatment to be finished by one medic to then move on to the next. Our specialist team work seamlessly together, providing a holistic recovery plan. This means less waiting time for you and your clients and ensures a client’s full recovery potential is met.

Part of Apollo Health Group of companies