HCML (Health & Care Management Ltd)

Melrose House
42 Dingwall Road

Tel: 020 8649 8006
Contact: Natalie McCall

When it comes to complex and life changing injuries, our experience, expertise and strong professional relationships in the industry enable us to get the best outcomes for our rehabilitation clients and those who support and represent them.

Specialist rehabilitation case management team

Our team of nationwide rehabilitation case managers are qualified clinicians with a range of expertise and backgrounds including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, mental health, speech and language and nursing. HCML Clinical Leads are experts in their fields which include acquired and traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation and young people’s rehabilitation, as well as complex mental health and vocational rehabilitation.

Collaborative approach

Early multidisciplinary rehabilitation and continuity of care is vital to achieve successful long-term functional outcomes. Our rehabilitation case managers have strong relationships with a wide range of healthcare professionals and litigation stakeholders. Coupled with their clinical expertise across the private and statutory landscapes, they source innovative, effective and clinically justified rehabilitation solutions.

Sustained recovery from serious injury

Our rehabilitation case managers will consider longer term rehabilitation goals as early as possible to ensure measures are put in place to build a bespoke pathway of recovery for the individual. They work closely with rehabilitation clients and their families throughout their recovery journey to monitor progress, review rehabilitation goals and adapt interventions accordingly.

In addition to clinical expertise, we know how important it is to build trust to encourage and reassure people. It’s a very personal journey, so matching personalities between case manager and rehabilitation client is fundamental to engagement when guiding someone through the rehabilitation process after serious injury.

Unrivalled clinical governance

Our in-house Medical Director and practising GP is responsible for clinical governance and case management quality assurance across HCML. They oversee the audit and quality improvement programme, training and development, and ensure adherence to clinical best practice.

HCML’s Medical Director also oversees auditing of our network of providers to ensure quality standards are upheld across our entire service.


We have stringent policies, procedures and training schedules in place to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the adults and children we support, as well as our own colleagues.

The health and wellbeing of our rehabilitation clients are what matters to us. We’re passionate about health and case management and achieve extraordinary outcomes for people who have experienced life-changing injuries.

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