Headway Surrey Head Injuries Association Ltd

Headway House
21 North Road
Surrey GU7 1LP

Tel: 01483 454433
Contact: Sonja Freebody

Headway Surrey aims to support individuals to live well after brain injury and to develop independent living skills, integrate into the community and become less reliant on families and carers by:

  • the provision of cognitive rehabilitation therapy to relearn new pathways
  • providing cognitive rehabilitation therapy in the centre and also home community visits
  • hospital visits and meetings withmedical professionals
  • assisting with the return to community living
  • providing information, support and signposting
  • promoting the provision of appropriate coordinated services for people with head injuries, with accountability at all stages
  • offering a befriending service, helpline and carers support groups
  • other relevant activities and outings, eg mindfulness, fishing, pottery
  • increasing public awareness and understanding of head injury
  • promoting activities that will reduce the incidence of head injury.


Headway Surrey is committed to providing and developing a range of services which can recognise and respond to an individual’s needs.  Services currently include:

  • Centre based Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy – Offering intensive and long-term slow stream therapy with an extensive annual syllabus.  Assisting the redevelopment of new skills and strategies to improve independent living.  The maximum capacity is 14 people a day, from 10 am to 3pm, 50 weeks of the year.  Most people attend regularly once a week.
  • Drop-in Sessions – The first Friday of the month, from 10.30 am – 1.30 pm.  Anyone connected with brain injury can come for respite, socialisation, conversation and support.  The whole centre is open to injured persons, carers, family members, medical professionals, potential volunteers and fundraisers.  The remaining Fridays of each month are for individual one to one appointments.
  • Community Visits – Outreach Services – those affected by head injury can be supported on a one-to-one basis in their own homes with cognitive rehabilitation therapy or assistance with reading mail/email, paying bills or benefit applications etc.
  • Befriending Service – Outreach Service –  clients with brain injury are matched with volunteers who have similar recreational or social interests.  They have regular meetings, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Helpline Service – this provides information and support.
  • The website – www.headwaysurrey.org
  • Information – an initial point of contact and support for those with head injury and their families and carers in Surrey and surrounding areas.  Headway Surrey can provide presentations on brain injury on request.
  • Facebook and Twitter  accounts help us to connect with more members of the general public.
  • Other activities – Occasional social outings and brain injury training for professionals and family members.