High View Care Services Ltd

161 Croydon Road
SE20 7TY

High View Care Services provides a specialist service for clients with primary diagnoses of acquired brain injuries, often with comorbidities of mental illness, histories of substance misuse, requiring person-centred and tailored support due to the complexities of their presentations.

Our clients typically require support in the following areas:

  • Cognitive impairments
  • Emotional needs
  • Substance misuse histories
  • Functional impairments including sequencing, and time management
  • Social isolation and dysfunctional relationships
  • Mental illnesses
  • Motivation, insight, and initiation
  • Environmental difficulties related to mobility, emotional or sensory changes

Holistic, therapeutically focused interventions are implemented in our CQC registered residential settings by our team of professional social workers, neuropsychologists and Occupational Therapists following a robust multidisciplinary assessment of the clients.

Short and longer-term placements are accepted across our group of small homes, each one tailored to specific client presentations and rehabilitation streams. Clients benefit from integrated care plans, which are reviewed monthly to ensure that our clients are supported in achieving their goals and aspirations, and enabled to make gains functionally and cognitively. We create a conducive environment for building a positive therapeutic relationship between the clients, their Key Worker, rehabilitation Assistants and Therapeutic Team, whilst supporting clients in maintaining links with families, stakeholders, other relevant professionals and the local community, involving stakeholders where possible in the review process

Clients who transition from High View to live more independently can continue to access psychological support through High View Outreach Neuro-Rehabilitation (HVON) where our Assistant Psychologists will be able to work with the client to sustain the improvements achieved in the residential setting.