Krysalis Consultancy Ltd

Unit 2, The Business Courtyard
Marl Pits Lane
Somerset BA11 5DL

Tel: 01373 837 263
Contact: Claire Martin

Krysalis Consultancy is a nationwide neurological occupational therapy consultancy and vocational rehabilitation service specialising in clients with brain injury and neurological diagnosis.

The highly skilled team of clinicians is led by Jo Throp who is a neurological occupational therapist (OT) with a 20-year career of working with clients with complex needs.  Jo and the team are supported by a highly efficient administration team ensuring that all documentation is consistently of high quality.

Our assessment and review process is designed to ensure that occupational therapy intervention is comprehensive and effective. A Fundamental Assessment Report is compiled after the initial assessment with the Performance and Participation Report coming into effect at the 12-week review, should a client continue with ongoing occupational therapy intervention.

Within both reports, the OT will analyse and explain how a person engages in occupation with both body and mind as a result of the inter-play between volition, habituation, performance capacity and the environment.  The approach used focuses, primarily, on individual change and provides the OT with a structure to understand the individual from their own perspective in the context of their world. This, in turn, helps with the production on appropriate coping strategies and rehabilitation interventions that are truly focused on the individual.

The occupational therapy report is not a mirror of the case management report but rather an effective and meaningful analysis of the client’s function.  All reports will, ultimately, feed into each other, clearly demonstrating the client’s rehabilitation journey.