Lianne Carol Lowe (Speech & Language Therapy) Ltd

131 St Helen's Road

Tel: 07932 495139
Contact: Lianne Lowe

Great speech and language therapy gives an independent voice to individuals who might otherwise be without one. At Lianne Carol Lowe (SLT) Ltd., we are guided by a longstanding commitment to life-improving specialist service provision, to children and adults alike. We exist to help people overcome all kinds of difficulties with speaking, eating, drinking or swallowing.

We’re an interdisciplinary team with years of experience in achieving the best outcomes possible for our clients. The cases we deal with are physically and cognitively complex: communication difficulties are multi-faceted, and we are experts at assessing individuals within the context of their particular needs and circumstances.

We work jointly with each and every one of our clients to identify their key areas of rehabilitation, and develop both client-centred goals and personalised treatment plans which work for them. We support people in their homes and schools, in residential and community settings, and both in person and online. Our focus is always on the patient: what they need, and what they can achieve.

Not only that, but through our bespoke training services we help families, healthcare staff and schools to hone the skills necessary to provide people living with communication or swallowing difficulties with the supportive frameworks that often help most.

We also offer Alternative and Augmentative Communication services to help people supplement their speech, utilising both low and high-tech systems. Indeed, we’re a forward-looking team, consulting over Skype or Facetime and offering support to clients keen to make the most of modern innovations such as the iPad.

Twenty per cent of us will experience communication difficulties at some point in our lives – and they can pose real and serious challenges. At Lianne Carol Lowe (SLT) Ltd., we have applied our specialist expertise to develop a suite of bespoke services that help people meet them.

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