MCS Case Management

23 Silverwood Road, Rathfarnham,
Dublin, D14 Y4E0

Tel: +353 1 493 6948
Contact: Siobhan McSweeney

What is Case Management in Ireland?

Case management is the personal and bespoke management of a client’s specific needs.

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Initially it involves

  • assessing a client’s current situation
  • identifying any additional needs
  • preparing a comprehensive case management report
  • initiating a therapeutic relationship with the client and their family as well as establishing professional links with their solicitor and the office of the wards of court.

Once a contract has been established, services include:

  • the provision of support to the client and their family,
  • sourcing suitable resources to meet each client’s particular needs, hopes and wishes in the best interest of the client
  • and then efficiently implementing and co-coordinating all of the services
  • communicating effectively with all parties involved including, multi-disciplinary team meetings and case review meetings.
  • This an ongoing service which is constantly monitored, assessed, adjusted and reviewed with professional reports and documentation.

“Case Management is a collaborative process which assesses, plans, implements, co-ordinates, monitors and evaluates the options and services required to meet an individual’s health, social care, educational and employment needs, using communication and available resources to promote cost effective outcomes” – CMSUK

MCS Case Management in Ireland

At MCS Case management, we provide a personal service with monthly visits to clients and follow up telephone calls, text and emails. We use a case management software called Qunote to document all of the details of each client’s case.

Before the case is settled: How Case Management Works

A Case manager will initially visit the client and their family to work with them to complete a comprehensive assessment of their needs. Following this visit, a detailed Case Management report is produced with our recommendations for potential case manager services. A copy of this report is sent to your solicitor who will then share this report with you and use it in the litigation process.

“MCS Case Management is an essential link between our family, the office of the Wards of Court and our solicitor, Siobhan can also obtain background information before asking difficult questions. She acts as a ‘buffer’, in our best interest.”

Inclusive Case Management Services after the case is settled

Short and long term support that MCS Case Management provide include:

  • Nursing Care and Personal Assistant Supports
  • Therapy & Rehabilitation Needs
  • Aids and Appliances
  • Accessible Accommodation
  • Inclusive Education
  • Transportation
  • Respite & Holidays
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • IT & Administration Support
  • Adaptable Clothing and Accessories
  • Social Networking
  • Liaising with the client’s solicitor and wards of court
  • Ongoing Support
  • Crisis Management

“MCS Case Management have been very supportive and proactive. We are constantly surprised by the innovative ideas Siobhan will present us with”.

Why choose MCS Case Management?

MCS Case Management is a leading provider of case management in Ireland and works with clients countrywide with offices in Dublin and Cork. Siobhan McSweeney is a dedicated and hard-working ally to have on your side. She will come up with suggestions and ideas you would never have imagined. The difference with MCS Case Management is, they make it happen!

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