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31 Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead
Hertfordshire, HP2 7BW

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Neurokinex is the UK’s leading provider of neurological activity-based rehabilitation which sets out to redefine possibilities for people with paralysis.

A not-for-profit organisation, it’s dedicated to providing innovative rehabilitation and wellness programmes for individuals living with various forms of paralysis. It currently has sites at Hemel, Gatwick and Bristol. It has a specialist Neurokinex Kids facility that is designed with children in mind and packed with age-appropriate equipment in a bright and colourful setting that youngsters enjoy.

The Neurokinex programme for spinal cord injury is one of the most diverse and inclusive in the UK providing short, medium and long-term health solutions for individuals living with neurological and neuromuscular impairments. Its mission is to improve health, independence and wellbeing of these individuals through access to activity-based rehabilitation.

Activity-based rehabilitation focuses on the entire body as opposed to just the functioning parts. Clients take part in activities such as active standing, cycling, walking and rowing, tailored to their neurological impairment. Using modern and sophisticated equipment with the assistance of trained and experienced professionals, clients participate in activities which see them standing on their feet, completing movements and using all parts of their body whether they are functional or not.

The Neurokinex rehabilitation and wellbeing programmes target the entire nervous and musculoskeletal system rather than only the functional areas of the body. This is done by stimulating and loading the nervous and musculoskeletal systems through carefully crafted, task-specific exercises and activities with the assistance of skilled therapists. Its diverse range of specialised rehabilitative equipment includes two ground-breaking protocols developed by Christopher Reeve’s NeuroRecovery Network and unavailable anywhere else in Europe. It also uses bodyweight supported gait systems, functional electrical stimulation (FES) devices, specialised balance trainers and an incredible range of strength and fitness equipment. Neurokinex delivers rich and varied programmes including a variety of weight-bearing activities, balance and stand training, gait and locomotor training, electrical stimulation, upper and lower body ergometry, vibration therapy and strength training.

Activity-based rehabilitation has two goals. Firstly, to strengthen the body as much as possible to allow the client to gain in strength and stamina to enjoy multiple health benefits and increase their level of independence. Secondly, to stimulate the body to work as one unit again and, if possible, to re-establish some form of a link or pathway between the paralysed and functioning parts.

The Neurokinex rehabilitation and wellbeing programmes offer people a multitude of benefits including improvements in neurological function, muscle bulk and quality, cardiovascular health, strength and stamina, balance and trunk control, skin and bone health, range of motion and psychological wellbeing.

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