Neurolink Occupational Therapy Ltd

PO Box 60040
SW16 9FB

Tel: 07946 577377
Contact: Julia Roberts

Neurolink Occupational Therapy (OT) provides a specialist assessment and neurorehabilitation service to adults who have had a brain or spinal injury after illness or accident. We work in partnership with our clients, their family, support workers and other involved professionals to maximise the potential of our clients.  We approach the challenges of neurorehabilitation with an open mind and an enthusiastic, creative attitude.

Our ‘can do’ attitude means that we work on areas of priority for our clients, because our clients are the priority for us. We understand that life is about taking risks and work to ensure that, where safe and appropriate, we support clients to achieve their goals.

Our therapists are experts in assessing the physical challenges experienced by our clients; how their body has been affected and how their environment impacts them.

By assessing the impact of the injury, we identify ways to maximise independence in:

  • Washing and dressing
  • Time management
  • Meal planning
  • Shopping and cooking
  • Using a computer or telephone
  • Cleaning and household management
  • Planning journeys
  • Using public transport
  • Writing
  • Engagement in leisure activities
  • Paid or unpaid work (vocational rehabilitation)

We recommend techniques or strategies, to promote independence and manage fatigue, suggest changes within the environment and prescribe equipment to maximise independence, thereby reducing our clients dependence on others in everyday tasks.

With years of specialist training and experience in upper limb assessment and treatment, Neurolink OT’s can fabricate tailor made thermoplastic hand splints to meet client’s needs; from something to help hold a fishing rod, for example, to something that provides a maintained stretch for their hand at night. These may include:

  • Functional splints
  • Dynamic splints
  • Resting splints

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