Northern Lifetime Ltd

PO Box 5997
S5 8BZ

Tel: 07542 333 234
Contact: Ella Cornforth

For clients and their families…

We believe that trust and understanding are the building blocks in effective case management and pride ourselves on building strong client relationships. We have a naturally compassionate outlook and backed by decades of experience, we’ll help determine what is the most suitable package of support for you or your loved one.

Assembling and monitoring support packages and rehabilitation programmes is what we excel in, and we prioritise creatively tailoring support to suit individual needs in order to maximise quality of life for you and your family.

Here are a few typical examples of how we assist our clients everyday:

  • Recruiting and managing private care packages or sourcing agency care support.
  • Support with accessing private/ statutory rehabilitation professionals and co-ordinating rehabilitation programmes.
  • Working with clients to achieve goals and aspirations such as returning to driving, education, resuming fulfilling roles, meeting people or exploring new paths in life.
  • Supporting clients to manage their households and routines as independently as possible.
  • Providing understanding, support and advice to you or those close to you, as and when you need it.

We also have skilled administration support at the end of the phone.

We work with a range of clients of all different ages and backgrounds, and are happy to arrange a free meeting if you would like to get to know us a little first, and ask questions about how case management might be useful for you.

For solicitors and other professional referrers

With excellent interpersonal skills and a dedication to cost effective, time efficient, and client specific input, we are confident in being best placed to achieve results for you and your client.

We have considerable experience working with legal professionals and regard a good rapport as crucial. We have the right skill pool, personalities and experience to best achieve client goals. We are highly responsive to client need and are transparent in our time recording and invoicing. We also understand the importance of a high standard of witness evidence and comprehensive well organised records.

We have decades of experience in the case management sector working with pre/post-settlement clients, public law specialists, deputies and trustees. We have also worked with CCG’s and local authorities. We have a friendly, pragmatic approach and are proud of our proven record of being ‘a safe pair of hands’ even in the most challenging of situations.

We always approach working with other services or professionals as an opportunity to work collaboratively, and we have a depth of experience in engaging statutory services and facilitating positive outcomes, even in situations where communications may have previously been problematic.

We are CQC registered. Our team includes case managers from various backgrounds including social work and occupational therapy. We are keen to ensure we value our staff (our biggest asset) and work hard to provide a working environment and culture that is supportive, creative, developmental and collaborative. We look after our staff so that they are fully equipped and resourced to provide an excellent service to your clients.

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