Physio Matters Neurological

Hollinwood Business Centre,
Albert Street, Failsworth,
Oldham OL8 3QL

Tel: 0161 6816 887
Contact: Colin Green

Physio Matters are based in Greater Manchester and have vast experience of treating a wide range of neurological clients.

In addition to the Clinical Team they have a client focused Business Support Team and focus treatment on an activity-based approach when necessary. Physio Matters run a Physio Active programme with close links with a wide range of activity providers, including indoor skiing, hydrotherapy, kayaking, and gym work, amongst many others.

Targeted physiotherapy can help clients return to daily life activities, like standing, dressing and returning to work, as well as reintroducing old and even new hobbies and activities that are enjoyable and engaging. Some benefits include improved balance, strength and overall independence. The team can help with posture management, providing equipment and close communication with the client’s therapeutic and professional teams. They will work alongside Case Managers and solicitors to structure programmes that keep client motivation and engagement levels high throughout their rehabilitation journey.

Physio Matters also lead and host Brainwaves workshops, interdisciplinary training sessions for professionals working in brain injury rehabilitation – physiotherapists, psychologists, Case Managers, social workers and lawyers, for instance. Workshops are focused on topics like insight after brain injury, adaptive technology, nutrition, music therapy, orthotics, hydrotherapy, legal processes and more. Professionals working in brain injury rehabilitation who would like to find out more, or attend the next session, are welcome to contact Physio Matters for more information.

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