Premex House
Futura Park

Tel: 01204 478 320
Contact: Richard Neve

Premex+ – The BIG Network Services

Premex+ can be used in conjunction with the BIG Network, a full medico-legal package providing services on a menu operated basis with the facility to defer payment through Premex+

  • obtaining medical records from GPs, hospitals and clinics
  • sorting, paginating and analysing medical records
  • advice from neuro clinicians on appropriate medical disciplines and individual experts
  • instruct neurological experts via Premex+ with the ability to liaise with them directly
  • multi-disciplinary medico-legal reports are available individually or as a collaborative report
  • access to rehabilitation services, accommodation assessments and occupational therapy which can also benefit from the deferred funding provided by Premex+.

Premex+ continues to set the highest of standards and is proud to be recognised as a forward thinking company, providing high quality, innovative and customer focussed solutions.

Location map for Premex+