Psychworks Associates Ltd

Working across London and the South East

Tel: 07942 691070

Contact: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan

PsychWorks Associates/SBK Case Management uniquely offers psychology-case management specifically designed for clients and families who have experienced a catastrophic injury, like brain injury.

We work across the lifespan and we have access to Psychology and Case Management clinicians across the country, but the majority of our work is in the South East of England. We offer cultural and language diversity in our team to suit the needs of our clients.

The logo of Psychworks Associates

Our case management-informed Psychology offer includes:

  • Individual psychotherapy work (incl home visits)
  • Neuropsychological assessment and treatment
  • Family and couple work
  • Training and consultancy

Our psychology-informed Case Management offer includes:

  • Supporting trauma and distress to prevent overwhelm and reduce risk
  • Managing care teams with supportive strategies to reduce burn-out and high turnovers
  • Navigating client needs within family, care and professional systems to help manage the complexities and challenges.
  • Working with clients and/or their families to operate within the boundaries of recoverability and proportionality.

Exclusive to our service, it is run by a Case Manager who is also Clinical Psychologist and so all our Associates are trained and regularly supervised to understand how to work effectively within the medico-legal context while appropriately using their clinical skills.

Our Psychology and Case Management teams uphold our service values of:

  • Communicating well and often,
  • Ensuring timely evidence to support a busy legal process
  • Being cost-effective and reasonable with our input

All our Associates are clear about one thing:
the needs of the client and family require a proactive and engaged, professional, and team-mindful approach.