Rehab Without Walls

27 Presley Way
Milton Keynes

Tel: 01908 560041
Contact: Melanie Bristow

Rehab Without Walls was set up by Ms Cathy Johnson and Dr Neil Brooks to coordinate rehabilitation for individuals in their own homes. Our 20 case managers (as far apart as Northumberland, Kent, Cheltenham, and Colchester) currently provide input to over 200 clients across the UK, using local services and therapists and a “whatever it takes” approach.

Each case manager brings unique professional experience, from backgrounds such as social work, occupational therapy, nursing and special educational needs.  While our case managers have a wealth of skills, knowledge, and experience, we know that we do not know everything, and we have built up an extensive network of contacts, and advisors, so if we do not know ourselves, we can always find someone who does.

We are committed to quality, and are the first service in the world to be accredited by CARF (Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) for three separate programmes (Adult Case Management; Brain Injury Case Management for Adults; and Brain Injury Case Management for Children and Adolescents). We received two consecutive three year accreditations from CARF, with commendations for risk management.

In addition to our case management services, we provide expert reports to the Court for both Claimants and Defendants in civil litigation.  We offer reports in the three areas of neuropsychology, rehabilitation needs and care and case management. In 2015, we underwent our third CARF survey and subsequently received our third consecutive three-year accreditation from CARF.

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