Our organisation intends to run a number of activities in order to provide relief to those who have suffered or been affected by brain injuries. As a lived experience organisation we aim to use our experiences to support fellow survivors in whatever area they are struggling with post-injury. For example, with walking, talking, speech, confidence, social, writing, happiness/wellbeing and understanding their condition. This will be delivered via one-to-one support visits as required and also through survivor peer support groups. Our activities help achieve the relief of those in need in that through providing a range of practical assistance and support.

Our survivors have been on and are going through similar circumstances to you. We know how hard a recovery can be. We’ve been there. We offer any kind of support a survivor might require to progress, at any stage of recovery. We are prepared to be a friend, give support, provide answers or just lend a shoulder to cry on.

Socializing is a key part of recovery and often one of the hardest bridges to conquer. Combining a group of like minded individuals who have gone through or are going through the circumstances you face is a brilliant experience. A chance to chat, about brain injuries, near death experiences or just the weather

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