The Disabilities Trust

First Floor, 32 Market Place
Burgess Hill
West Sussex RH15 9NP

The Disabilities Trust is a charity that works alongside people with an acquired brain injury, autism and/or learning disabilities or physical disabilities to help them live as independently as possible.

We improve the lives of people with brain injuries across the UK. Injuries include encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain, and hypoxic, when the brain is damaged because it doesn’t get enough oxygen.

Our two hospitals and 14 assessment and rehabilitation centres support people with brain injuries to regain the skills they have lost through neurorehabilitation. This type of treatment helps us understand the effects of a brain injury on a person’s cognitive, emotional, physical and social skills. Our clinical teams use a range of therapies to respond to ongoing assessments of these skills, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychological therapy, speech and language therapy and music therapy.

We also have 28 community support services. Our dedicated teams of specialists work closely with each person with a brain injury to understand what they want and why, and shape treatment.

From rehabilitation to long-term care in supported living accommodation, our brain injury services help people to move forward with their lives. Our aim is to support them to achieve their rehabilitation goals, become more independent and improve their quality of life.

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