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Contact: Tim Farmer

TSF Consultants are the UK’s leading provider of independent mental capacity assessments by experienced, compassionate and professional mental capacity assessors.

Mental capacity assessors across England and Wales

We have a network of expert mental capacity assessors across England and Wales. Our assessors regularly assess mental capacity and have extensive experience of working with clients that have cognitive impairments and acquired brain injuries. TSF specialise in assessments for

  • LPA’s (including certificate providers)
  • CoP3’s
  • Testamentary capacity
  • capacity to gift
  • capacity to litigate; and
  • item specific capacity assessments.

Registered, professional, experienced mental capacity assessors

All of our assessors are currently registered with their relevant professional bodies. They have experience of assessing mental capacity in line with the MCA and associated guidance and are all trained in the application of relevant case law. Our skilled assessors come from a variety of backgrounds and can therefore bring their particular expertise to an assessment, offering further support to our clients. They all have full PI cover and have a current CRB check (enhanced) and continue to update their knowledge through TSF training.

Mental capacity assessment innovators

TSF are innovators in the field of mental capacity assessments and strive to improve awareness and knowledge in the area. We are aware of the need for robust reports to accompany our assessments and as such have developed our own unique processes and quality assurance checks that enable us to provide some of the most comprehensive reports of capacity available. Our internal governance team ensure the highest quality reports and outcomes that will stand up to the scrutiny of court.

Simple, efficient, supportive mental capacity assessments

We also realise that mental capacity can be stressful and complex for all involved. Our process is designed to be simple and efficient, with a dedicated client liaison officer to assist you throughout your journey with us. We can carry out the assessment in the home of the client and can provide a range of write up formats to meet your needs and budget.

For more information and guidance please contact our Client Liaison team.

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