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Guidance on Financial Support

We understand the financial impact on families following a brain injury and that this can add stress and worry. Our team can help by reviewing your circumstances and looking into any additional support and guidance you

Legal Advice on Compensation

Sometimes injuries can occur as a result of an accident, negligence or criminal act, our legal members are all experienced in providing advice on whether a claim for financial compensation could be made.

Direction with Care and Rehabilitation

Care and rehabilitation post brain injury is very personal to each person’s experience and it is important that the right rehabilitation and support package is in place ass this can have a big impact on the injured persons.

Support With Capacity And The Court Of Protection

When a loved one has a brain injury this can mean that they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves, this is their mental capcaity. This can be very difficult for them and their families.

Help With Education And Employment

Starting, or returning, to school, college or university following a brain injury is a major milestone to be celebrated, whilst also bringing with it a whole new range of considerations for both parents, the local education authority and the school.

Emotional Support And Understanding

We work closely with a number of charities supporting those who have had their lives impacted by brain injury, many of those involved in the charities have been directly affected by brain injury in the family.

You can find our brief guide to brain injury below

A Guide To Brain Injury A brief layman’s guide to brain injury for those affected Suitable for: general interest; health and social care professionals

Supporting individuals and families affected by brain injury


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